Our Team


Bethleen McCall

Bethleen is a fifth generation Yuma County ag producer. She served as the Executive Director of the Yuma Conservation District implementing research, educational and incentive programs related to natural resource conservation for over a decade. She has served as the Vice President of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association since 2017. She is also a founding member of the Colorado Agriculture Preservation Association a water rights group representing irrigators from 8 counties in Northeast Colorado. In addition to that she is two term city council woman for the City of Yuma and working board member for the Yuma County Economic Development Corporation.

Through the Bon Vivant Group Bethleen offers public speaking services & presentations for conventions & meetings as well as consults for agencies and businesses that are working to better understand the industrial hemp industry. She also writes articles for various publications on the emerging industry.


Mike Sullivan

In 2014 Mike was one of the first legal industrial hemp growers in Colorado. Mike has grown CBD, Seed & Fiber in irrigated & greenhouses. He has also taken his own food & wellness lines to market. If you are considering getting into the industrial hemp industry Mike can answer many of your questions or connect you with other industry experts. His real world experience with everything from soil samples to marketing can give your operation an advantage.